The art of living.

Art for me is a way of viewing life and translating it into a visual form that may or may not speak to the viewer.  It is always a study of humanity and of social behaviors and attitudes. The medium I use is also a statement of how I see the world.  I attempt to take throw-aways and make something out of them that makes them important again. We should do no less with the disenfranchised people around us.   My goal in creating is to cause conversation about our society around us and ourselves, and to cause people to see beyond themselves.


4 Responses to “The art of living.”

  1. David Prater Says:

    Your site looks awesome mom! Great colors, amazing pieces!

  2. You are completely right Darlene! Art is an expression of life, and living, and emotion and vision. Keep on inspiring others. I know you inspire me. 🙂

  3. Hi Darlene, Thanks for contacting me. I’ve looked through your blog and I think your work is great. I have picked out a few pieces I would love to feature in my ‘Inspired By’ page. I have a few questions I’d like you to answer to go with the article and if you have any pictures of your studio that would be even better.
    Do you have an email address I can send the questions to? Thanks, Helen x

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